The Bower is nestled in the Wootha rainforest, only 10 minutes drive from the township of Maleny and 20 minutes to Woodfordia.

180 Policeman Spur Rd
Wootha Qld 4552

The Bower now includes a ‘writer’s hut’ (the original tiny house ‘weekender’), a ‘couple’s cabin’ (the second pavilion, once the ‘family room’, now a Bnb), a ‘manager’s lodge’ (the third – once the bedroom – pavilion), a ‘glamper’s shack’ (the fourth, and moveable, pavilion, now a Bnb), and a ‘traveler’s taverna’ (a pool house for ‘one for the road’, getting back to the Bower). Each private pavilion features an eclectic and unique mix of rustic and luxurious – ‘rustique’ – fittings and furnishings.